Our introducer programme. Join with us and reap the benefits…
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CurrencyCart welcomes new affiliates and companies that can refer business – we call you Introducers, because that’s exactly what you’re doing. We value the reputation you have built with your customers and will work with you on delivering the best service possible.

Some of the people we think will make ideal Introducers are Independent Financial Advisors, Business Consultants, Business Support Agents and professionals of similar ilk.

Whether you’re paying money overseas or receiving it, CurrencyCart can take the strain and save you plenty via our Price Promise, fantastic rates and simple to use service. Plus the £0.50p donation CurrencyCart will make to our nominate charity with every transaction made

So, if you have access to businesses and private individuals that have a regular requirement for currency conversion then we can offer you a mutually beneficial Introducers Programme. It’s called ‘win-win’.

CurrencyCart is a rapidly growing company and our ambition is to become a global leader for international currency exchange and foreign exchange payments. We’ll get there, too and with your help, maybe a little bit quicker. Our service provides wholesale currency exchange rates to end users with free international payments capability. We are much more competitive than banks and other financial institutions.

Why collaborate with us?

Well, the reasons are legion. We are a fast growing company which provides added value to the market and customers with a flexible and easy-to-use online service. We get great pleasure from helping customers and businesses save more money on international payments and currency exchange and we want to share the love, so to speak. Participating in our Introducers Programme means you are joining our family while also being profitable business for you.

How our system works for our mutual customers:

Sign up and book a currency exchange. CurrencyCart cuts the margin that the banks, charge offering you a better exchange rate every time, since you purchase your currency at real-time market rates.

Use the online platform to book currency conversion, and manage beneficiaries. Once you've booked a currency exchange, you will need to make a bank transfer of your currency to our segregated client account before your chosen settlement date.

Your currency is paid out to the named beneficiary on the settlement date.

Why choose CurrencyCart?

There are plenty of reasons why choose CurrencyCart:

  • Transparent fee on currency exchange
  • 30 currencies online
  • Multiple institutional providers competing to service our volume
  • Local payments in over 30 countries
  • Secure online platform available 24/7
  • Choice of settlement dates from Same day to Forward up to 12 months.
  • True mid-market pricing used
  • Online secure platform
  • Free SWIFT payments with every currency exchange
  • Ability to receive and make payments
Let's partner up!

We don’t have set terms for our affiliate partners because flexibility is what we’re all about. By operating this way with our partners, we can offer the best options. If you are interested in joining our growing family, visit our ‘Contact Us’ page and let’s talk!

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