CurrencyCart Affiliate Programme

Participate In Our Affiliate Programme

If you are looking to increase your income and have digital marketing knowledge you are welcome to partner with us as an affiliate. Currencycart is rapidly growing company with ambitions to become a global leader for international currency exchange and foreign exchange payments. To help the industry grow and other market players make money too we have set up this opportunity for you to become our affiliates. Our services are a menace to high street banks as we provide better exchange rates with no unreasonable fees you will face while dealing with banks and other financial institutions.

Why Collaborate With Us?

We’re fast growing company which provides added value to the market and customers with a flexible and easy-to-use online service. It is that great feeling of helping customers and businesses to save more money on international payments and currency exchange that we want to share with you. Participating in our affiliate programme is not only that feeling of being a part of a bigger family but also a profitable business for you.

Why Choose CurrencyCart?

  • Flexible – customer controls how much to borrow and for how long
  • Transparent – full cost shown upfront with no hidden fees
  • Convenient – 24/7 online service. No paperwork, calls or meetings
  • Responsible – low arrears rates and FLA member
  • Reputable – world class customer satisfaction
  • Straightforward – simple application, online decision and cash sent within 5 minutes of approval

Wonga Partner benefits

  • Pioneering digital platform powered by Impact Radius and GAN
  • Real time reporting for instant marketing value feedback
  • Fast payments with leads processed and approved in minutes
  • Rich suite of highly optimised and flexible creative to suit your needs

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