CurrencyCart vs The Banks

Why is CurrencyCart Better Than Average High Street Bank?

Feeling frustrated by fees that banks charge you for using your own money? We’ve been there and we know how it feels like to be charged unreasonable fees and extra percentages on currency exchange or payments. That’s why we have created CurrencyCart.

What’s in it for You?

So what is it that makes CurrencyCart special and beneficial for you as it’s not only user-friendly and easy to use platform but also will save you lots of money on foreign currency exchanges and international payments. To make it easier for you to compare CurrencyCart with the banks we made a small comparison table for you.


Average high street bank

Account and transaction fees
No fees for exchanges and transfers
Yes – ranging from £17.50 – £25 or more
Currency exchange rate
0.05% – 1.5% depending on currency/amount
2% – 3.5% or more
On-line service
Yes, best in class
Most require you to visit a branch
Phone service
Personal service
Yes – call centre service
CurrencyCart is state-of-the art giving you access to real-time market rates
Slow to improve and add online services.


Please sign up or call us on: +44(0)2078706871 to find out what else will you get with CurrencyCart

Want More?

Here is what CurrencyCart gives you extra:

No exorbitant fees of £25 per transaction.

Your bank or broker may be charging you between £17.50 and £25 for a single transfer, sometimes more. We feel this is an unacceptable amount to pay. So we made our online pricing completely transparent – you are informed exactly what the ‘mid-market rate’ is at all times, and there are no fees for sending your money. Compare our rates and see how much you are going to save with our zero fees service, and real-time currency rates.

Register on-line and transact same day, most of the time.

No need to visit a branch or fill out huge paper application forms. Simply provide all your details on-line, we’ll electronically check these and activate your account instantly.

On-line platform open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

CurrencyCart on-line service operates continuously from Monday morning 8am to Friday evening 5.30pm. You can login any time, whenever it is convenient for you.

Much better exchange rates.

Don’t pay premium to the Banks. With CurrencyCart you are exchanging currency at a current, real-time market rate and not a rate set for the day.

Quick and secure on-line service you can trust.

CurrencyCart is a state-of-the art on-line service providing you a safe and secure place to exchange your currency and transfer it to anywhere in the world.*

As safe as your bank.

Your money is kept in segregated client accounts with Barclays Bank.This means that they are kept separately from the company operational accounts, and are not available to company creditors. We are fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (formerly known as the FSA, or Financial Services Authority) , the UK authority for financial markets. Furthermore, Currencycart complies with strict risk management, controls and compliance policies, so you can be assured that your funds are safe at all times. CurrencyCart is a trading name of Regent Foreign Exchange Limited, a company registered in England and Wales (07424083) and is an FCA Authorised Payment Institution (FRN 543156). Our registered address is 26 York St, London W1U 6PZ, United Kingdom. _______________________________________________________________ *Well, almost anywhere. Certain government sanctions prohibit transferring money to several countries. Click here for more information.

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