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A better currency exchange and payments service

You can save thousands by exchanging your currency with CurrencyCart. You see mid-market rate and the price you pay, so you always know you are paying a fair price.

1Sign up and book a currency exchange. CurrencyCart cuts the margin that the banks charge offering you a better exchange rate every time, since you purchase your currency at real-time market rates.

2Make a Bank Transfer of your currency to us from your bank account. Once you’ve booked a currency exchange, you will need to make a bank transfer of your currency to our segregated client account.

3We will transfer the currency to the bank account of your choice. As soon as your money arrives in our bank account, we will pay away the currency that you have purchased to any account that you nominate.

So if you are ready to go, just Open your Free Account Signup to CurrencyCart and ejoy our free services.

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