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CurrencyCart is a better way to exchange currency and make international transfers. When you use CurrencyCart to exchange currency, you get a live market rate, not an ‘indicative’ rate like the Banks offer. This offers you a great way to save money when exchanging currency. In addition to this, we don’t charge any transfer fees. It is a great alternative to using banks and traditional brokers.
Why is CurrencyCart better than your bank?

  1. Near market exchange rates made possible by our unique set-up. Don’t pay a premium to the Banks.
  2. FREE global transfers, which is much better than you bank.
  3. Just as safe as your bank. Your money is kept safe in the segregated accounts. The company is Authorised and regulated by the FSA.
  4. Easy and secure on-line and telephone service.

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Registration should only take 5 minutes of your time and you can transacting straight away.
CurrencyCart’s on-line and telephone service provides you with instant access to live market rates from 8 am Monday to 8 pm Friday*, meaning you are always getting the best price.

The easy-to-use, intuitive on-line service was developed in 2011. It provides highest security and reliability, meaning you can exchange currency, make payments and manage your account safely from the comfort of your home or office.
* Except public and bank holidays in the UK and respective home currency countries.

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