How to send money

Sign up to create new account.

  1. Sign up. Use our online registration form to create a new account.
  2. Activate. After you submit your completed registration form, you will receive an email containing an account activation link. Click on the link in the email to activate your account.
  3. Confirm your identity. You may need to provide identification to CurrencyCart if we are unable to confirm your identity electronically. A scanned copy of your passport or driver license and a copy of a recent utility bill is usually all that is required. You can email us a photo taken on a mobile phone. Once your identity has been confirmed, your account will be authorised for use.
  4. Receive Activation confirmation. You will receive an email stating that your account is active and ready to use.


Exchange currency

  1. Login to the secure MyCurrencyCart on-line service. You can login using the details you provided at the sign up stage. Please remember to use your registered email address as your username.
  2. Click on Exchange Currency. This link is located on the left-hand side, under the Currency Centre.
  3. Complete required fields. Please specify currency that you have (want to sell) and currency you want to obtain (buy), the amount and date when you want the currency delivered to the beneficiary. This may be you or your supplier, for example. More details on the beneficiaries is provided below.
  4. Click “Show live quote”. This will take you to the live quote page.
  5. Review and accept. You will have only about 15 seconds to review the quote and accept it before the service will ask you to re-quote. This ensures that you getting the best market rate. Please remember to tick the box accepting Terms and Conditions before proceeding.


Fund your transfer/payment

  1. Review Confirmation. The confirmation contains details of the currency exchange and instructions for the next steps.
  2. Pay CurrencyCart the funds for the currency you bought. Details for the relevant CurrencyCart Segregated Client Account will be available in the Exchange confirmation on-line and in the email that we will send you straight after the currency exchange.
  3. Comment. Supply trade reference that can be found in the comments section of the confirmation


Add Destination bank accounts

  1. Log in to the secure MyCurrencyCart on-line service
  2. Click “Add bank account”.  You will be presented with a form to provide recipient bank account details for future transfers and payments.
  3. Give new account a nick name. This is so that you can easily recognise it in a list of all your accounts.
  4. Select currency. Please specify which currency is this bank account in. You have to make sure that you are sending the right currency to the right bank account. Otherwise, the recipient bank will change for conversion into the right currency.
  5. Provide Beneficiary name and bank account details.  Please note that you will need to have specific bank account information such as SWIFT/BIC for all transfers, IBAN(for all European transfers), ACA and account number for the US transfers, and branch and account information for all other transfers.
  6. Save bank account details.


Set up a transfer

  1. Log in to the secure MyCurrencyCart on-line service
  2. Click on Make Payments. This link is available under the Currency Centre section.
  3. Click on the currency exchange transaction. The transaction you want to add recipient bank account details for.
  4. Select existing beneficiary or add new beneficiary bank account. All beneficiary details are saved for future use in the Bank Accounts section, so you only need to provide them once.
  5. Click “Make payment”. Your payment details have now been saved and the transaction will go ahead once we have your funds in our account.

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