International Online Money Transfers

International Online Money Transfers

Whether you live in UK, EU, Australia, Asia or South Africa you can exchange and pay money on your account with CurrencyCart.

It’s not only easy and convenient way of managing your money but also a great way to save some. Our platform provides you with foreign exchange rates that were previously available only to financial firms and large corporations. This is why we guarantee to beat any quote you get from a bank or broker.

Want more?

Not only we provide you with unique exchange rates but also we have 0% foreign exchange commission and £0 transfer fee on currency transfers.

CurrencyCart simply gives you more currency for your money. We don’t have expensive referral programs and marketing campaigns. We grow through the word of mouth and partnerships because we offer our customers better value.

How It Works?

If your business or you are regularly dealing with foreign currency and think it’s wasting your time and you lose money on exchange rates and extra fees banks make you pay, CurrencyCart has a solution for you. Whether you are:

– getting paid by foreign currency

– business who pays foreign employees by currency

– need to do currency exchange and payments

– planning to make investments

– multinational company who supports offices overseas

– been paid by foreign currency

– need to pay suppliers by foreign currency.

Our International Money Transfer platform is the solution for you.

CurrencyCart has a range of currencies available online that you can exchange and transfer to a bank account of your choice anywhere in the world. Well almost anywhere, some government restrictions apply.

Using our platform is easy as 1 2 3.

Create a Free Account online

1. Create a free online account

Use the platform to make payments or convert currency

2. Use the platform to make payments or convert currency

Track with live transparent rates, real time updates and reports

3. Track with live transparent rates, real time updates and reports

Compare our rates and service with your Bank or existing currency exchange broker, and you will see why CurrencyCart can help you save both money and time when transferring currency to your home country.

Please sign up or call us on: +44(0)2078706871 to find out what else will you get with CurrencyCart


How To Send Money Using CurrencyCart

Our platform is very easy to use and user friendly. Simple steps below will help you understand how the system works:

First of all you need to register here (opens in a new window). After successful registration follow these simple steps and you are ready to receive the money on your bank account.

1. Registered customers contact CurrencyCart to exchange currency at the best exchange rate available on the market. Customer also provides details of the beneficiary bank account where they would like CurrencyCart to deliver the purchased currency. This can be almost any bank account anywhere in the world.

2. Customer transfers money for the currency purchased to a segregated customer provided by CurrencyCart.

3. CurrencyCart settles the transaction and wires the purchase currency using banking infrastructure to the receiving bank, requesting that it effect payment according to the instructions given.

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