Money Transfers to Europe

If you are planning to transfer money to France, Germany, Italy or Spain there is no easier and cheaper way to do so than using CurrencyCart services.

What Can We Offer You?

We offer one of the best exchange rates for EUR currency. Operating under the Single Euro Payment Area initiative, we provide simplified and cost effective service.
Working with your existing bank account we will transfer your money to any EU country of your choice with bank beating rates. Our safe, secure and easy service is available 24 hours a day 5 days a week to make international payments and currency transfers.

What to do?

Using CurrencyCart is really easy as we built our platform and service considering our clients’ demands and requirements. There are 4 easy steps for using our money transfer and currency exchange services:

1. Register an account with CurrencyCart. It is free and only takes 5 minutes.

2. Exchange currency at real-time rates and pick the payment date up to 12 months away.

3. Provide bank account details for onward currency payment anywhere in the world*.

4. Make a payment for the currency using your existing on-line banking

Registered customers can obtain instant live quote.

What Next?

If you want to make payments, send money or exchange money in EU or planning to do so in future register with CurrencyCart, try our platform check our rates with banks and you will be surprised how much you can save with us.

Registration should only take 5 minutes of your time.

Attention  Destination bank account information tips: You will need to provide the name of the beneficiary, name of the receiving bank, bank address, Bank SwiftBIC and IBAN number. Not sure what they are? Click here.

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