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Global currency payments are safe and easy

Whether you are making one-off or regular transfers, it is cheaper, quicker and easier to make these payments via CurrencyCart.

Add new beneficiaries, book currency and make payments via our secure online web-site. And because we don’t need any branches, we will save you quite a bit on your foreign exchange and currency payments.

Green Tick A better way to make currency payments.

Green Tick Discounted exchange rates. Never again pay a premium to the Banks!

Green Tick No Commission and we don’t charge any transaction fees.

The process is the same as if you were using the bank, and you save on the exchange rate and transfer charges.

Making money transfers via CurrencyCart is the most cost effective method for exchanging currency between bank accounts. A transfer is effected as follows:

    1. Registered customers contact CurrencyCart to exchange currency at the best exchange rate available on the market. Customer also provides  details of the beneficiary bank account where they would like CurrencyCart to deliver the purchased currency. This can be almost any bank account anywhere in the world.


    1. Customer transfers money for the currency purchased to a segregated customer provided by CurrencyCart.


    1. CurrencyCart settles the transaction and wires the purchase currency using banking infrastructure to the receiving bank, requesting that it effect payment according to the instructions given.


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