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Our Services

CurrencyCart is designed to help businesses and private customers save time and money on foreign currency exchange and international money transfers. Both our business and private customers are welcome to open free accounts with us to experience our secure and easy to use platform. The service allows you to convert currency and make international payments via online bank transfers.

Foreign Currency Conversion at wholesale rates

Converting currency online via a bank transfer via CurrencyCart is easy, convenient and saves your money.  Having 99 foreign exchange pairs available online and around 160 currency pairs available via phone we cover almost all countries in the world. You don’t need to use your bank to exchange currency and transfer it to anywhere in the world. CurrencyCart is a great alternative to the banks. It offers much better exchange rates and same level of safety and speed of transfers as any bank. The main advantages are better exchange rates, personal service and convenience of being able to complete the transaction from the comfort of your home or office.

How does it work?

  1. Login to the secure MyCurrencyCart on-line service. You can login using the details you provided at the sign up stage. Please remember to use your registered email address as your username.

  3. Click on Exchange Currency. This link is located on the left-hand side, under the Currency Centre.

  5. Complete required fields. Please specify currency that you have (want to sell) and currency you want to obtain (buy), the amount and date when you want the currency delivered to the beneficiary. This may be you or your supplier, for example. More details on the beneficiaries is provided below.

  7. Click “Show live quote”. This will take you to the live quote page.

  9. Review and accept. You will have only about 15 seconds to review the quote and accept it before the service will ask you to re-quote. This ensures that you getting the best market rate. Please remember to tick the box accepting Terms and Conditions before proceeding.

Please sign up or call us on: +44(0)2078706871 to find out what else will you get with CurrencyCart

International Payments and Money Transfers

Making Payments and money transfers via CurrencyCart is the most cost effective method for exchanging currency between bank accounts. The process is the same as you would do with your bank with one difference – you save on the exchange rate and transfer charges.

How does it work?

  1. Registered customers contact CurrencyCart to exchange currency at the best exchange rate available on the market. Customer also provides details of the beneficiary bank account where they would like CurrencyCart to deliver the purchased currency. This can be almost any bank account anywhere in the world.

  3.  Customer transfers money for the currency purchased to a segregated customer provided by CurrencyCart.

  5. CurrencyCart settles the transaction and wires the purchase currency using banking infrastructure to the receiving bank, requesting that it effect payment according to the instructions given.

Please sign up or call us on: +44(0)2078706871 to find out what else will you get with CurrencyCart


If you have a business or work for a company that often uses international payments or pays to suppliers or employees in foreign exchange, CurrencyCart will be a great way to perform those transactions. We not only promise to beat your bank rates at any moment of time but also provide you with foreign exchange rates that were previously available only for financial institutions and large corporations.

Benefits for Business

Our 24 hour 5 day service will be of great help to any business. Our technology and market access enable us to provide you market leading currency exchange rates and customer service. Here is just a small part of benefits you are getting signing up with CurrencyCart.
• Exchange currency at wholesale rates online

• Same day, T+1 and T+2 depending on the currency

• Dedicated Account manager

Global Transfers

• Foreign currency payments to bank accounts worldwide
• Funding brokerage accounts in foreign currencies
• Funding overseas operations

Private Clients

Private TransfersIf you are dealing with foreign currency in your everyday life and find that you are losing money to banks in exchange rates – you are right! Banks usually charge transaction fees and other admin fees. CurrencyCart cuts those fees and provides you with the best possible exchange rate online. This is why we always guarantee to beat your bank prices. We not only provide you with the best rates but also have services for you to pay foreign mortgage, deposit payments or just regular transfers account to account.


Clients Benefits

Below is just a small part of benefits we provide to our private clients seeking to make international money transfers and currency exchange. In addition to our promise to beat your bank rates (in average exchanging foreign currency with CurrencyCart is 0.2%-1.5% cheaper than your bank) we also give you:

• AAA Security. CurrencyCart is Regulated and Authorised by the FCA.
• Foreign property purchases or sales, deposit payments
• Mortgage payments and upkeep expenses
• Other foreign-denominated investments

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